Safe House
The safe house is an important component of domestic safety protection, and it provides a safe and reliable asylum for family members. The existence of the safe house make family members feel assured in daily life, reducing their worries about external safety threats.
It can also effectively prevent and cope with various safety threats and protect family member's life security. For example, when intruders intrude violently, owners can stay here to take refuge temporarily and wait for rescuers' arrival.
Physical Protection of Safe House
Box in Box: 6 facades are set in the room to reinforce it and ensure safety, regardless of linkages with the building or no linkage.
Easy Installment: The plates as walls are easy to be assembled, and six facades form an integrity.
Personalized decorative layers and high-quality veneers can be integrated into any types of internal decoration.
Protective products with certifications and warranties are provided: Europe Anti-theft Standard: EN1143-1, Level I-V ECB-S certifications are provided. Europe bullet-proof standard (the highest level of
FB7-EN 1522-1523) and forced intrusion protection standard (the highest level of RC6-EN 1627-1630).
Technical Protection of Safey System
Except for safety guarantees offered to you and your family, the safe house also represents the core of the safety system of your house.
They contain alarm activation facilities, namely internal and external alarms monitoring any intrusions, independent facilities that can used to communicate with the outside, direct connection with the control room (dispatching law enforcement personnel immediately) and video monitors in the whole house.
Basic Performance and Characteristics of Safe House
Anti-Theft Property

EN 1627-1630

With Level RC2-RC6 of the A2P certification, and testing performance of RC3, RC4 and RC5 used for CNPP and CSTC. It can be combined with Level FB3-FB7 of the bullet-proof property and AK47 to use.
The Vault Room


Provides the ECB-S certification at Level I-V, and it can pass the Level-V test of CNPP.


Provides tests of the Laboratory of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium and the Bank of France based on Level FB3-FB7 and AK47. It can be combined with anti-theft levels RC4 and RC5 to use.
Electromagnet Shielding

IEEE 299-2006

With a scope of available insulating property of 50 dB to 80-100Db for frequencies ranging from 9KHz to 18GHz. It can be combined with anti-theft levels RC2 to RC6 and anti-theft levels FB3 to FB7.
Optional "Safe House"
The safe house can be used in normal time or applied as a vault or room of collections to protect valuables in the house. It can contain valuables with various sizes and volumes, such as antiques, calligraphy works and paintings, artworks, high-tech devices, secret files, cash, etc.