Renowned and Exquisite,
Elegant and Fashionable

The Yurman series presents a style of light luxury fashion, with its exterior wrapped in high-quality rouge red calfskin. The leather texture is delicate, with full color saturation, exuding a natural beauty. The interior is adorned with classic jewel red, showcasing elegance and nobility. As a Grade II high-security anti-theft product, it provides professional security protection and jewelry storage for you.

KABA Locks from Germany

Both electronic password locks and mechanical key locks are sourced from the globally renowned brand, KABA,
significantly enhancing the anti-theft performance of the safe.
Genuine Leather Interior, Caring Protection

The interior of the safe is covered in classic ruby red genuine leather, with a jewelry tray in the upper part, jewelry drawers in the lower part, and a cash box at the bottom. The overall machine is equipped with rich functionality.
Wrapped in Genuine Leather

Genuine leather decoration, authentic materials, stylish design, high-end luxury, displaying nobility to the fullest.
Pure Aluminum Handles from Germany

DORMA pure aluminum handle,made of pure aluminum material, with high strength, moderate hardness, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance, the surface never rusts,Moreover, the handle does not significantly change with temperature fluctuations.
Exquisite Modular Jewelry Storage

The interior of the drawers is meticulously planned, allowing for clear organization. It can accommodate earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. Alternatively, the trays can be removed to accommodate passbooks,
bank cards, documents, and other items, providing flexible adjustment according to needs.
European Standard Certification, Safety Assurance

Every safe produced by ADM bears the ECB·S (European Certification Body) independent certification mark, representing that ADM safes have passed ECB·S experimental tests and production checks. Meeting the ESSA world standard.

Golden Ratio, Multiple Choices

Carefully protect your precious items