Professional Fireproof and Theft-proof,The Ultimate Cost-Effective Choice
The EMMA series is pure and minimalist, integrating fireproof and theft-proof features. Equipped with a professional mechanical combination lock, capable of generating up to one million combinations, it also comes with a professional blade key lock. The product has no backdoors, ensuring outstanding theft-proof performance. Fireproof strips are installed around the door seams, which expand and seal the cabinet in case of high temperatures or open flames, protecting the items inside from heat damage. With superior theft-proof and excellent fireproof capabilities, the safe body is filled with proprietary fireproof materials. This design utilizes a combination of various materials, effectively resisting single-tool damage such as oxy-fuel cutting, drilling, cutting machines, and electric hammers. The series boasts outstanding performance and high cost-effectiveness, thanks to European technology and collaborative production within the Chinese supply chain. EMMA aims to offer more users the experience of having fireproof and theft-proof features integrated into one safe.
Minimalist and Stylish Triangular Handles
The triangular cone-shaped rotating handles are designed to be flexible and compact, with finely rounded edges for a comfortable grip. Taking into account the user experience of female‘s, they are easy to rotate and provide a nice feeling.
Professional Mechanical Combination Lock
With up to one million combinations, this lock contains no electronic components, theoretically offering an unlimited lifespan. With three sets of passwords and six digits, it provides professional security without being cumbersome. Renowned for its excellent stability and performance, it is widely used in banks, vaults, and ATM machines.
Professional Blade Key Lock
Utilizing a blade key structure, the lock ensures outstanding security with no backdoors, solely designed for safety.
Solid Door Panel with Strong Materials
Total cabinet thickness: 40mm
Total door thickness: 32mm
High-performance composite protective materials
Drill-resistant and smash-resistant
Efficient fireproofing
Solid Steel Lock Core
Thickened solid bolt ensures the security of your belongings
Four-way locking bolts comprehensively safeguard your property
Strengthens your security with solid protection - "Golden Ground"
Smart Partitioning with Reasonable Layout
Built-in drawer area for easy storage and rational planning of storage space.
Customized Jewelry Storage
Customize jewelry and watch storage, with optional watch winder function
Standard cabinet comes with standard features and can be personalized according to user needs.
Genuine Materials and Precision Casting
Made from high-strength, high-hardness, and high-toughness alloy steel.
Comprehensively smash-resistant, enhancing the cabinet's resistance to destruction.
Compliant with national fire protection standards.
Golden Ratio, Multiple Choices

Various sizes available with fashionable exterior designs
See the specification table for detailed parameters