European Professional Standards, Security Guards
The COLLECTOR series presents a modern and minimalist design style, compliant with the European professional EN1143-1 Grade 1 anti-theft standard. It also meets the European EN15659 fire certification, providing 60 minutes of fire protection for paper documents.

The junction between the safe body and the door is equipped with three layers of fire-resistant adhesive strips. When heated, these strips expand to seal the safe space, fully protecting the contents inside.

Featuring a combination of an American LaGard mechanical combination lock and a specially designed blade key lock from KABA Germany, both locks meet the European EN1300 standard for double security.

The triple-layer structure includes an extra-thick safe body and door, incorporating high-density fire-resistant and drill-resistant composite materials. The safe weighs 1.5 times more than others of the same specifications.

Additionally, it includes a private safe deposit box with a multi-layered space design, providing bank vault-grade security for home and office settings.

Lock with Precision Craftsmanship
High-performance box lock American LaGard mechanical combination lock German KABA blade key lock combination Both locks meet European standard EN1300, ensuring outstanding security performance Stainless steel right-angle handle for comfortable and easy operation
American LaGard Mechanical Combination Lock
High-performance box lock
American LaGard mechanical combination lock with up to millions of password combinations
Exclusive design aluminum mechanical rotating panel
Superior security performance, high-grade texture, and easy operation
Professional Mechanical Key Lock
Professional mechanical key lock, using blade key structure Box lock body, no backdoor, outstanding security performance, professional anti-theft
Professional European Standard Bank-Level Protection
105mm thick triple-layer structure door Built-in special fire and drill-resistant composite materials Hinge side vertical steel plate limit anti-theft system Solid stainless steel lock bolt Four-way reinforcement locking, creating professional anti-theft standards Triple fireproof rubber strips, expanding when heated, fully protecting the anti-theft and fireproof "mini vault"
Customized Space, Personalized Needs
Built-in personalized private safe Suitable for multi-user safes Personal independent privacy space Multi-layer space design Adjustable shelf design at the bottom Meet the storage needs of different sizes of collections
European Craftsmanship, Exquisite Hinges
Exquisite hinges Superior load-bearing and stability Clean but not simple
European Standard Certification,
Security Guarantee
Pass European ECB·S testing certification Comply with European EN1143-1 Grade I standard Comply with European EN15659 LFS60 certification Provides 60 minutes of fire resistance for paper documents Triple fireproof rubber strips at the joints between the cabinet and door expand when heated, fully protecting the items inside the safe ECB·S (European certification body) independent certification label, representing that ADM safes have passed ECB·S experimental testing and production inspection, meeting ESSA world standards.
Golden Ratio,
Multiple Choices
Multiple size options, fashionable appearance design, exquisite and practical
Specifications Table