Simple and Fashionable Luxurious and Elegant
Mia series meets the national standard (GB10409-2019) for 3C anti-theft safes, with a door steel plate thickness of 10mm and a body steel plate thickness of 6mm. The Mia series features an elegant grey matte leather texture paint surface, interior decorated with Hermès orange leather, and equipped with a jewelry drawer for convenient jewelry storage. The bottom is designed with a hidden compartment, providing multiple protections for your valuables.

It features an integrated stainless steel hinge with outstanding anti-prying capability and a bottom designed with pure aluminum base feet. The panel is equipped with multiple unlocking modes including fingerprint, password, and key, complying with the 3C standard for anti-theft safes, seamlessly blending theft prevention with understated luxury, making it the preferred choice for modern offices and homes.

Luxurious Interior,
Categorized Storage
Intelligent Control System

The panel supports multiple opening methods such as fingerprint, password, and key. It employs a capacitive single-touch sensor for rapid recognition, with a fingerprint capacity of up to 100 prints. Passwords can be set from 4 to 12 digits, supplemented with a mechanical key, providing personalized triple protection. It also comes with an emergency keyhole and an external emergency power socket, demonstrating meticulous and user-friendly design to protect your property.
Built-in Integrated Hinge
Featuring a unique anti-prying design, the newly developed integrated stainless steel hinge ensures security and reliability. Unlike traditional safes with two hinge stress points, the integrated hinge connects the door and body with a single high-strength steel plate, eliminating the risk of thieves exploiting weak points in the hinges.
Hidden Compartment
Concealed to keep your valuable items safe from prying eyes, the bottom features a hidden panel that opens to reveal a secret compartment, providing an additional layer of security.
Anti-Prying Linkage System
Solid and reinforced bolt locks safeguard your property. The door lock bolt employs a thickened circular stainless steel solid bolt system with four-way locking, with a diameter of 30mm. The smallest safe has 7 bolts, while the largest one has 10 bolts, significantly enhancing theft and anti-prying performance.
Exquisite Drawer for Jewelry Storage
Designed according to user habits, the limited space is rationalized for optimal utilization. A dedicated drawer for exquisite jewelry storage facilitates convenient organization, perfectly combining security and storage.
Exquisite Craftsmanship: Aluminum Handles
The ultra-thin aluminum handle crafted with an eight-centimeter engraved aluminum disk provides a comfortable grip, smooth rotation, and an elegant appearance.
Enhanced Power Supply
The back of the safe door is equipped with an embedded battery box with LED lights on the side. Opening the door activates the lights, enhancing usability. The battery box can hold four size 5 batteries, providing power for password and fingerprint lock activation.
Golden Ratio, Multiple Choices
Careful protection for valuable items