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The Smart Series, with a dark-gray color scheme, exudes a dignified and stable atmosphere. It features double-layer steel plates inside and out, with a basic structural protection layer. The steel plates are filled with high-density fireproof and drill-resistant composite materials, effectively resisting tool damage such as oxy-fuel cutting, drilling, cutting machines, and electric hammers. This series boasts outstanding performance. The interior shelves of the safe can be adjusted freely, allowing for flexible usage. The electronic password lock adopts an integrated ring rotation design, making it easy and convenient to operate with a light touch. The metal panel exterior is simple, fashionable, and offers excellent anti-theft performance. Inside the safe, there are fireproof rubber strips that expand when heated, filling the gaps in the safe door to create a sealed space, providing excellent fire protection. The product has passed ECB·S testing certification and complies with the European EN14450 S2 anti-theft standard. The fire resistance level has also been certified through ECB·S testing, meeting the European EN15659 60-minute fire protection standard.
Safety Quality, Enjoy Smart Living
Integrated Electronic
Password Lock
This electronic password lock features a disk design. Metal panel exterior appearance. The integrated lock and handle adopt a ring rotation design, making it light and easy to operate. With a six-digit combination password, there are millions of possible combinations, providing excellent theft protection.
Embedded Hinges
This series of hinges feature high load-bearing performance. The doors open smoothly and effortlessly. The hinges are embedded between the door panel and the cabinet, combining strength and aesthetics, delivering both strength and gorgeous.

European Manufacturing, Outstanding Quality
German technology, European manufacturing. Original imported safe. Innovative technology has obtained multiple European standard certifications, ensuring safety and reliability.
Four-way Thickened Lock Bolts
The safe door lock bolts adopt two-way round solid bolts, breaking through the traditional technology vulnerability of easily bending lock bolts. This enhances the security and anti-theft capability significantly.
Unique Ingenuity,
Genuine Materials
High-performance composite materials.
Solid-core alloy door panels reject laminates, manufactured in Europe.
Made of genuine materials, they are drill-resistant and cut-resistant, unbreakable.
Integrated Design,
Layered Independence
Utilizing multi-layer adjustable shelves,
Allows for freely adjusting shelf spacing.
The top layer features independent locking drawer,
Internally designed with a metal safe box,

For storing confidential items,
Enhanced privacy protection for shared usage.
More Private Storage

High Quality Materials,
Ingenious Craftsmanship

Built-in thickened solid lock bolts with high-strength fixing bolts.
Golden Ratio,
Multiple Choices
Multiple sizes to choose from, with stylish appearance designs, delicately practical.
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