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German Imported High-end Locks

With advanced technology and high-quality lock suppliers, the ADM product team searches globally for high-end safe lock suppliers with quality core components.
Why such meticulous selection of safe lock suppliers?
In a safe's display, locks may not initially draw the most attention, and their true importance and differences might be overlooked. In fact, locks are the defense center of a safe, undeniably crucial. Their quality directly affects the overall security performance and quality level of the safe. The ADM team fully recognizes this crucial point and has established high-quality partnerships with globally renowned lock industry leaders. For imported safes, ADM primarily selects locks from three major international high-end brands: KABA, LA GARD, and SG.
KABA, the world's third-largest security equipment supplier headquartered in Switzerland, is a century-old security giant renowned globally. With operations worldwide, KABA has evolved into a pioneer in technology and a highly reputable company offering quality security products. Today, KABA is a leading supplier of key blanks, key cutting machines, chip keys, and high-security locks globally. It's also ADM's most important security partner, casting the fortress of defense for safes with its premium products.
LA GARD, a well-known lock supplier in the United States, provides locks for the majority of ATMs worldwide. LA GARD's main products include electronic combination locks, mechanical combination locks, and blade key locks. Among them, LA GARD is best known for its mechanical combination locks with metal dials.
Established in 1857, Sargent and Greenleaf (SG) has over 100 years of lock manufacturing history. Headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA, it specializes in high-security locks. SG was the first to introduce mechanical combination locks for banks and the first to introduce time locks. It has pioneered many aspects of high-security lock manufacturing. Its products are used by the US Department of Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, and numerous security product manufacturers. All products are certified and tested by the most authoritative UL laboratories in the United States.
The high requirements for selected locks inevitably lead to high security performance and cost. Between "low cost, low security" and "high cost, high security," ADM unhesitatingly chooses the latter. All the ADM safe's locks meet the European EN1300 standard. Meanwhile, based on the advantages, characteristics, and applicability of several main types of locks (mechanical combination locks, key locks, combination locks, electronic locks), the combination of locks for each series of ADM safes is optimized (e.g., the EMMA series adopts a mechanical combination lock combined with a blade key lock, while the YURMAN series uses an electronic combination lock combined with a blade key lock). This scientific grouping and flexible multi-layered protection mode provide users with a new experience that combines technology and practicality, while further enhancing security from a design perspective.

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