Global Supply Chain
In the new era of global economic integration, ADM stands at the forefront, vigorously raising the sails of the "global supply chain" era.

Imported from Germany, the ADM brand of safes established its foundation in the industrial powerhouse nations of the world. Benefiting from a strong starting point, ADM quickly embarked on a new journey of corporate growth through internationalization.

Always with a broader international perspective as its informational window
Always with superior international selection as its material source
Always guided by cutting-edge international technology in production
Always adhering to higher international certifications as product standards

The formulation and implementation of four international advancement strategies have greatly propelled the process of ADM's global trade flow.

ADM's business has spread across more than 70 countries and regions, while also maintaining long-term stable international strategic partnerships globally.
As a "Security-Oriented" enterprise, ADM particularly selects materials and components with strict safety performance criteria, understanding their pivotal role in security quality. ADM has established friendly cooperative relationships with several world-renowned security equipment suppliers. Taking the most critical part of safes—locks—as an example, with brands like Germany's KABA, America's SG, and America's La Gard, ADM selects the best locks, all of which meet the European EN1300 standard.
In terms of production, ADM's large-scale production base in Bulgaria, with specialized security equipment production workshops, technical departments, and self-inspection teams in place, ensures that each finished product obtains EU certification. Additionally, the establishment of ADM's cooperative factories in China aims to enable domestic customers to enjoy timely access to high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective original security products.
As safes become increasingly "homelike" in demand, their exterior design is also receiving more attention. On this issue, ADM actively invites global design experts to add diverse design elements to ADM products, thus meeting the aesthetic needs of different users. It is worth mentioning that ADM not only fully implements the standardized development strategy of "high quality, high requirements" but also focuses on high cost-effectiveness feedback. The continuously improved ADM global supply chain system, integrating the advantages of elements such as production, procurement, R&D design, and service, facilitates the optimal allocation of global resources and ultimately delivers specific products and services to consumers. The evolution of the global supply chain and the growth of enterprises complement each other. In the future, ADM will continue to demonstrate its strength in quality, service, and efficiency through mutual development, especially willing to share more effective international superior resources with domestic users. Providing customers with Euro-certified high-security safes while offering a global cost-effectiveness that exceeds expectations has always been the enterprise goal that ADM strives for.

Global Supply Chain