European Professional Certification
Advantage Lies in Sincerity
With Sufficient Sincerity Achieve Sufficient Advantage
ADM safes have obtained multiple certifications from professional European institutions. As for the international "honor" of obtaining "European standard certification," ADM has poured in full "security sincerity." It is called an "honor" because the authority, professionalism, and strictness of "European standard certification" have always been regarded as endorsements of high-end quality.
Each imported safe produced by ADM bears the independent certification badge of ECB·S (European Certification Body), which represents that ADM safes have advanced through ECB·S experimental testing and production verification, meeting the ESSA world standards.
ESSA, the European Security Systems Association, is a global organization representing certification standards for the security industry in Europe and even globally.
As the European Security Systems Certification Center of ESSA, ECB·S has extremely strict testing processes and execution standards. ECB·S emphasizes practicality, starting from implementing surprise factory inspections during production, to conducting comprehensive and rigorous tests on finished products, scenario simulations, grade evaluations, and a series of complex and rigorous repeated evaluations. This is a standard certification crowned for security, only excellence prevails. ADM is honored to have passed the high-standard system certification of ECB·S (holding dual certifications for fire and theft prevention) and obtained the European standard certification mark—a unique blue label (see image), making it rare in the overall market. With the addition of the internationally recognized security blue label, ADM is committed to leading the industry in improving standards for security companies (safes). In addition, ADM also holds certifications for various specialized standards such as Chinese GB, EU EN, and others.
Having authoritative certifications not only reflects the implementation of ADM product quality but also conveys the full sincerity of ADM in ensuring consumer peace of mind.