To guard you with “Heart” is ADM's Pursuit “Making the World Safer” is ADM's Mission
Company Introduction
ADM is an internationally renowned brand committed to the security and safety industry, originating from the famous industrial hub of Germany. Founded in 1970, ADM has a long history and legacy.

Under the ADM brand, the main products include Safes, Vaults, Panic Rooms, and Secure Houses. With over half a century of experience, ADM has grown robustly like a towering tree with deep roots.
Leveraging its solid foundation and the resources of an industrial powerhouse, ADM has expanded its presence worldwide. Its inception was closely tied to the modern security needs, evolving from a single product line of safes to a comprehensive range covering vault doors, vaults, vault walls, panic rooms, and secure houses.

After years of strategic planning, ADM's manufacturing was primarily located in Bulgaria, Europe. However, the company has gradually extended its manufacturing partnerships to China. Presently, ADM offers a range of security products, including 100% European-made originals and joint venture products manufactured in collaboration with domestic factories in China. Through these partnerships, ADM not only brings authentic European core technology to consumers but also ensures cost-effectiveness. To facilitate its expansion in China, ADM has partnered with "Shanghai Yademan Security Technology Co., Ltd." and registered the "ADM" brand along with establishing the transliterated Chinese trademark "Yademan." Over years of market competition, ADM has gained professional recognition and a solid reputation.

As a security brand, ADM Security understands the arduous journey ahead. From Germany to various parts of the world, the brand focuses on dedicated research and development, adhering to product technology as its core while taking responsibility for property and personal safety protection. With a step-by-step approach to security and continuous vigilance, ADM leads the industry's development, striving to fulfill its noble mission of "making the world safer."
Manufacturing Concept
Social Responsibility
The origin of safes can be traced back to medieval Europe. As the name implies, their emergence signifies the advancement of human security consciousness. "A wise man is forewarned and guards against it." Today, security consciousness is universally recognized, with developed countries showing even greater emphasis. Taking the current supply and demand situation of safes as a window, products manufactured by ADM's European factory in Bulgaria are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, with Europe accounting for 70% of the market. According to incomplete statistics, countries like Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom have consistently ranked at the forefront in terms of the household penetration rate of safes, sometimes exceeding 90%. The changing international situation, fluctuations in national economies, and various factors affecting social and household security all contribute to people's vigilance in security. Safes have always played an important role in security, safeguarding the property and belongings of countless households. At the same time, we observe not only the increasing demand in the safe industry but also the diverse demands that different consumers place on products.
According to the different emphasis of consumer preferences, it can be roughly divided into three aspects:


Security Performance:

This is the fundamental product attribute and value embodiment of safes. Focusing on "anti-theft" and "fire prevention" as core attributes to meet the needs of high-end users.


Exterior Design:

With the increasing participation of more young users, the "appearance" (color, size, decoration, etc.) of safes has also begun to attract the attention of fashion-conscious users, becoming one of their important considerations. In addition, for most mature European customers, emphasis on exterior design means they are beginning to pursue the perfect product experience combining "safety" and "aesthetics."



In rational economic activities, horizontal comparisons of products often determine the vertical differences in prices, and vice versa. Taking the domestic safe market as an example: Firstly, compared with developed countries, it is still in the relatively early stage of development. Secondly, choosing based on price orientation brings about invisible problems, such as the issue of low protection level caused by controlling material costs.

In response to the various demands and challenges mentioned above, ADM through several years of analysis and exploration, endeavored to provide personalized and comprehensive product solutions for domestic and global users with the industry spirit of "emphasis on research and development" and "promoting development."

High-Security Performance:

Craftsmanship, European manufacturing.

The security performance of safes has always been a top priority for ADM products. Whether it's anti-theft performance or fire resistance,

ADM has consistently maintained a leading position in the industry.

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality:

ADM has a professional design and development team that has accumulated a wealth of practical experience over the years. In order to provide consumers with visually appealing and

user-friendly experiences, ADM designers actively innovate and spare no effort to incorporate various luxurious elements into safes (such as professional watch winders) to create

a unique brand style.

Global Presence:

ADM's business is spread worldwide. In serving global customers, ADM comprehensively integrates and collects various customer needs, continuously optimizing product solutions. Through its

supply chain factories, ADM brings customers high-value products at competitive prices. Safeguarding you with "heart" is ADM's pursuit, and "making the world safer" is ADM's mission.